What will be installed and where

  Modules Function Directory
  com.summs.KeyBoardLauncherX.daemon.plist plist for loading a daemon /Library/LaunchAgents/



plist for launching a shell for loading kernel extension

  KeyBoardLaucnherX shell for loading kernel extension /Library/StartupItems/KeyBoardLauncherX/
  KeyBoardLauncherX.kext kernel extension /Library/StartupItems/KeyBoardLauncherX/ the application for showing the menu bar icon /Library/StartupItems/KeyBoardLauncherX/

Attention!  directory"/Library/StartupItems/KeyBoardlauncherX/" is created

and when you do "Uninstall", it is deleted


How to install


2-1. Launch ""

2-2. Select "Install" in "Tool" menu

2-3. Entry your password into "Authentication" dialog

2-4.  "Install successfully" dialog is shown and the installation is completed


Version up


How to version up

  By selecting "Install" in "Tool" menu, it'll be versioned up


Import license file

  ❉With the license version, this operation is unnecessary.


About a license file


1-1. You can get a license file when you pay shareware fee

1-2. license file name

  license file name where saving
when you got KeyBoardLauncherX.your mail address.License  
after imported com.summs.KeyBoardLauncherX.license ~/Library/Preferences/

1-3. contents of license file

  LicenseID LicenseCODE
meaning mail address generated license code



How to import a license file


2-1. Launch ""

2-2. Select "Import License file" in "Tool" menu

2-3. "Choose License file" dialog is shown

2-4. Select a license file that you get



How to check whether a license file is imported


3-1. Select "About keyBoardLauncherX" in "KeyBoardLauncherX" menu

3-2. When it is imported, your mail address is shown in "User ID:" on "About" dialog