Launch Item

— Add and Delete —

1. How to add "HotKey" and "Item"

    1- 1. Select "Launch Item" tab

    1- 2. Press "+"button in "Launch Item" tab


    1- 3. "Choose item" dialog is shown 

    1- 4. Choose a item and press "Choose" button

    1- 5. "HotKey" dialog for setting hot key is shown

HotKey dialog

    1- 6. Press character key with pressing some modifier keys

    1- 7. Your "HotKey" is shown on "HotKey" dialog

    1- 8. Press "OK" button with your check

    1- 9. Your "HotKey" and "Item" are shown in the "HotKey Item" table

    1-10.Try your "HotKey" and the "Item" is launched or opened

2. How to add "HotKey" and "Item" by "Drag and Drop"

    2-1. Select "HotKey Item" tab

    2-2. Drag your favourite "Item" to the table and drop it

    2-3. "HotKey" dialog is shown

    2-4. And follow 1-6 to 1-9


3. How to remove "HotKey" and "Item"

    3-1. Select "Launch Item" tab

    3-2. Select "HotKey" and "Item" you want to remove from the table

    3-3. Press "-"button in "Launch Item " tab


    3-4. It is removed from the table view