Finder Function

— Modify/Reset "HotKey"—


 1. Modify "HotKey"

     1-1. Select "Finder Function" tab

     1-2. Select the row to update "HotKey"

     1-3. Select "Modify HotKey" of "Edit" Menu or press "Command+R"

     1-4. "HotKey" dialog is shown

     1-5. Entry "HotKey"

update HotKey dialog

     1-6. The "HotKey" is shown in the "Finder Function" table

result of upadted HotKey

2. Reset "HotKey"

     2-1. Select the row to reset it

     2-2. Select "Modify HotKey" of "Edit" Menu or press "Command+R"

     2-3. The "HotKey" dialog is shown

select the row of Finder Function table for resetting its HotKey

     2-4. Press "RESET" button or type "r" while pressing command(⌘+R)

     2-5. The result is shown

result of resetted HotKey