Pasteboard Item

— Add and Delete —

1.How to add a "Pasteboard Item "

     1-1. Select "Pasteboard item" tab

     1-2. Select a text, copy it to the clipboard by pressing command + C

Selecting one phrase "Rome was not built in a day" of a dictionary

     1-3. Press "+"button


     1-4. "Pasteboard Item" dialog is shown, and entry a title as pasteboard name

Title dialog

     1-5. Press "OK"button and "HotKey" dialog is shown

     1-6. Type a character with pressing some modifier keys

HotKey dialog

     1-7. Press "OK"button and your pasteboard title is shown in "Pasteboard Item" table

The drawer is opened

2.How to delete "HotKey"

     2-1. Select "Pasteboard Item" tab

     2-2. Select the row to delete title

The drawer of the selected "Pasteboard item" is opened

     2-2. Press "-"button


     2-3. It is removed from "Pasteboard Item" table and "PasteboardData" directory