1. My "HotKey" does not work
  Cause 1 :

"Install" is not completed

Adding "HotKey" and "Item" but "Install" operation is not completed

  Solution :

Launching "" and try to select "Install" of "Tools"

  Cause 2 : The set "HotKey" is not reflected, or the deleted "HotKey" is reflected
  Solution : Wait until reflecting it   (5 seconds)
2. Command key cannot be assigned to "HotKey"
  Cause : Many combination key of OS include command key
  Solution? : Sorry and try other combination
3. Using "HotKey", Mac becomes unstable
  Solution : "Uninstall" KeyBoardLauncherX
4. Mac cannot start
  Solution : Remove all modules of KeyBoardLauncherX
  Operation :  
    4.1. Boot your mac into safe mode
    safe mode: wait for startup sound, and press shift key until the Apple mark and a spinning style progress indicator are shown

a spinning style progress indicator:

(asynchronous progress indicator)

The login screen with "safe boot" is shown

How much time is wasted?



about 2 minutes

PowerMac(dual 500Mhz)

about 20 minutes

Select your login ID and entry your password


Launch ""


Type some following commands

--- typing "sudo" and it requires your password ---

cd   /Library/StartupItems

sudo   rm  -R  KeyBoardLauncherX

cd   /Library/LaunchAgents

sudo   rm   com.summs.KeyBoardLauncherX.daemon.plist

Finally, typing next command for rebooting your mac

sudo   reboot

And "HotKey-Item" data and "License file" are not removed

5. Some applications from Launch Tab
  Cause : That applications were upgraded, and KeyBoardLauncherX has recognized them to be another applications.


Sorry, please re-enter that HotKeys and applications.