— Pasteboard Item —

1. Copy a "Pasteboard Item " to the pasteboard(Clipboard)

— Try to copy a "Pasteboard Item" "Rome" to the pasteboard(clipboard) and paste it to "Untitled" window of TextEdit.app by "Command + V"—

    ◆ Ready ◆

  1-0. Set value

   HotKey Pasteboard Title sentence
  control+1(a numeric key) Rome Rome was not built in a day

  Add "Pasteboard Item" referring to "How to add pasteboard item "


   ◆ Action ◆

    1-1. Open "Untilled" file by "TextEdit.app"

Untitled window of TextEdit

    1-2. Type "1(one as numeric key" with pressing control key

    1-3. And type "v" with pressing command key

    1-4. "Rome was not built in a day" is pasted to "Untilled" document window

"Rome was not built in a day" pasted window of TextEdit